Town of Fowler Community Vision

A vibrant and progressive community that serves as a center for the farming and ranching economy. The gateway to southeastern Colorado’s heritage that values its small town atmosphere and has a commitment to education. Aggressively pursuing growth, the community has many amenities and prides itself in maintaining its historic heart, main street, one that is walkable, and is a local and regional destination.

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Town of Fowler Economic Development Strategy

Economic development is no longer tied solely to capital and labor, but is now increasingly dependent on communication, high technology and the free flow of ideas and creativity. The town of Fowler intends to capitalize on this new paradigm and become a leader in revolutionizing the economic development of Southeast Colorado.

The Town of Fowler is one of the communities along the Arkansas River Valley that is looking at alternative energy technology for the future. Alternative Energy is just one economic development method that Fowler is working with. Currently the town is also working in other economic development arenas that are viewed as important - for the future of Fowler, the State of Colorado, and the United States.

As projects proceed you will be able to get more information about them on this page, as well as the "News Center" page of the site.

Economic Development

Fowler's goal regarding standard economic development is to promote and advance the business prosperity and economic welfare of the region. To achieve and to maintain the most reasonable, dynamic and robust business climate in the Otero County community, by aggressively pursuing all avenues of growth for new and existing businesses, towards the goal of maximizing employment opportunities, tax base, and quality of life.

Natural Resources, Environment & Conservation / Farms & Agriculture

Fowler is working to manage and balance the needs of environmental, economic and land development objectives, as well as to balance the economic growth of the community with preservation of one of our oldest existing institutions: the family farm or ranch.

Education & Training

It's important to prepare our youth and workforce for life and jobs in the new millenium. Towards that goal, the town is working with educators to prepare our youth and current workforce for new technologies and new paradigms.

Recreation, Entertainment & Tourism

Recreation, Entertainment and Tourism are all areas that have - until now - been fairly neglected in the economic development strategies of communities along the Arkansas River Valley. But with Fowler and other communities nearby being listed as Preserve America communities, a new focus on these areas has taken shape. The goal of the town is to help provide opportunities to constructively occupy our youth, provide a wide array of leisure activities for adults, families, and seniors, and create a lively environment for enjoyment by residents and visitors alike.