Henry M. Fosdick

Henry M. Fosdick, or Judge Fosdick as he was more familiarly known, was born in Boston, Mass. April 5, 1849.

His father, colonel Henry M. Fosdick, Sr., was an engineer by profession. Due to a misfortune which destroyed his sugar refinery in Boston he lost his fortune and as a result decided to seek a new environment in the west.

In 1861 when Henry Jr. was 12 years old, his father outfitted an oxen drawn wagon and met his family in St. Louis. The trip west was without serious incident during the six weeks. Many times the caravan had to stop to let herds of thousands of buffalo pass. The family finally settled in Boonville.

After being a cowboy for several large outfits Henry (Judge) Fosdick picked out a nice location on the south side of the Arkansas River east of Boonville in Colorado Territory. Here he erected a log cabin for his bride, Miss Sarah Hughes of Boone.

Immediately after the wedding Mr. and Mrs. Fosdick came to the site of their new home and started their life among scenes that were wild. They watched the Indians as they were driven from the western plains, saw the buffalo and wild game gradually disappear from the great American desert and the wooded lands along the river. They saw first one family and then another come into the neighborhood, and finally watched the birth of what is now the pretty little city of Fowler.

The area was sparsely settled with a few settlers farming along the river. In 1882 the Fosdick Ranch consisted of some 250 acres including the land now occupied by the town of Fowler. In a log cabin near the Fosdick home, Andrew J. Hollis was Post Master until 1887. A two story home was built near the log cabin in 1894 where the Fosdicks made their home until Henry's death in April 1927.

Henry M. Fosdick was a prominent factor in the life of the valley, and in its development. He held the office of Justice of the Peace. He was county commissioner of Bent County before it was divided and Otero County was created.

Children born to Henry and Sarah Fosdick were David Hughes, Lucy D., Josephine, Raymond Patterson and Amy Gladys. There are many Fosdicks living in the area today.

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