Main Street - Fowler - 1891

Here is a picture of an early day scene on Main Street in Fowler. It was the property of the late Mrs. Denney, and shows her husband, Sylvester Denney, standing near the door of the postoffice building.

Mr. Denney was postmaster at that time. The picture was taken, as near as we can find out, in the early 90's maybe in 1891. There were only three or four buildings on the west side of Main Street at that time. The post office building stood where now is a vacant lot immediately south of the Fowler Bakery. The building shown in the picture bearing the sign "General Merchandise" (to the right of the post office) stood where the bakery now is located. Mr. Denney had a stock of merchandise, as well as being postmaster.

The man with the horse is none other than the late Henry M. Fosdick, father of Dave Fosdick and Mrs. Mae Danford. Dave says the horse is "Old Bill," and that the saddle is a Texas saddle, in which his father rode across the plains from Texas in 1878.

Note the absence of sidewalks and the presence of hitching posts out in the street. No automobiles, either.

At one time there was a barber shop in the building shown on the right. It was operated by Charles Stevens.

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