PLEASE USE THIS SCHEDULE Effective May12, 2014:



Stage One General Rules

Water Restrictions will be enforced by Police and Code Enforcement Officers

The use of open ended hoses is prohibited. Hoses for any outside use of water must have a bubbler or nozzle on the end of the hose.

(1) Open ended hose use prohibited. (2) Private vehicle washing on private property only. No water or debris may reach gutter. (3) Permits Required for: new lawn, extended irrigation, fund raising car washes, waterscaping/aquascaping, filling pools & hot tubs over 300 gallons. $25.00 per permit. Contact town clerk to obtain additional information and permits.

Watering Hours Colors Assigned:

Outside use of water allowed in this ordinance shall occur only during the hours specified by reference to these watering hour colors.

Red, Blue and Green -- Outside use of water during these watering hours colors may be for any purpose not otherwise prohibited in this ordinance.

Yellow -- Outside use of water during this watering hour color is limited to flowers and gardens and specifically excludes lawn irrigation.

The schedule is set forth in a spread sheet format. The town clerk shall make the schedule available in printed form at town hall and at the library for the public to pick up.
Download a PDF of the new Watering Colors Schedule: [ WATERING SCHEDULE ]



2017 Fowler Town Resolutions

  Resolution 1002-17 Changing Status of Fire District PDF  Status of Fire District  
  Resolution 1001-17 Authorizing Training PDF  Authorizing Training  
  Resolution 1000-17 Employee Wages 2017 PDF  Employee Wages  
  Resolution 999-17 Public Works Directors Wage PDF  Directors Wage  
  Resolution 998-17 Summer Reading PDF  Summer Reading  
  Resolution 997-17 New Hire Resolution PDF  New Hire Resolution  
  Resolution 996-17 Public Works Fees PDF  Public Works Fees  
  Resolution 995-17 Season Pool PDF  Season Pool  
  Resolution 993-17 Police Chief Wage PDF  Police Chief Wage  
  Resolution 992-17 Zach Full Time Wage PDF  Zach Full Time Wage  
  Resolution 991-17 Shawcroft Full Time Wage PDF  Shawcroft Full Time Wage  

2016 Fowler Town Resolutions

  Resolution 990-16 Budget Resolution PDF  Budget Resolution  
  Resolution 989-16 Public Sector Health IGA PDF  Public Sector Health IGA  
  Resolution 988-16 Health Insurance Benefit PDF  Health Insurance Benefit  
  Resolution 987-16 Wage Resolution PDF  Wage Resolution  
  Resolution 986-16 Public Works Wage PDF  Public Works Wage  
  Resolution 985-16 Restructuring Criminal Justice Dept PDF  Criminal Justice Dept  
  Resolution 984-16 Utility Rate PDF  Utility Rate  
  Resolution 983-16 2017 Officer Resolution PDF  2017 Officer Resolution  
  Resolution 982-16 Calendar Resolution PDF  Calendar Resolution  
  Resolution 981-16 Bonus PDF  Bonus  
  Resolution 980-16 Full Time Police Officer PDF  Full Time Police Officer  
  Resolution 979-16 Zach Full Time PDF  Zach Full Time  
  Resolution 978-16 Donations to Fowler Historical Society PDF  Donations Historical Society  
  Resolution 977-16 Authorizing 2nd Loan App Wastewater PDF  2nd Loan Wastewater  
  Resolution 976-16 Appointing Budget PDF  Appointing Budget  
  Resolution 975-16 Public Works Fees PDF  Public Works Fees  
  Resolution 974-16 Lifeguard Resolution PDF  Lifeguard Resolution  
  Resolution 973-16 Seasonal Help to Abate Weeds PDF  Seasonal Help Abate Weeds  
  Resolution 972-16 Swimming Pool Wages PDF  Swimming Pool Wages  
  Resolution 971-16 Meter Reader Seasonal Help PDF  Meter Reader Seasonal Help  
  Resolution 970-16 Douglas New Wage PDF  Douglas New Wage  
  Resolution 969-16 re Exercise Room PDF  re Exercise Room  
  Resolution 968-16 Weldon Full-time Patrolman PDF  Weldon Full-time Patrolman  
  Resolution 967-16 FNB Signatures PDF  FNB Signatures  
  Resolution 966-16 FSB Signatures PDF  FSB Signatures  
  Resolution 965-16 Appointing Officers PDF  Appointing Officers  
  Resolution 964-16 Mayor Sign Backhoe Loan PDF  Mayor Sign Backhoe Loan  
  Resolution 963-16 Supplemental Budget Appropriation 2016 PDF  Supplemental Budget 2016  
  Resolution 962-16 Town Clerk & Treasurer Wages PDF  Town Clerk & Treas. Wages  
  Resolution 961-16 Land Entry Notice PDF  Land Entry Notice  
  Resolution 960-16 Authorizing Drinking Water Treatment Grant PDF  Water Treatment Grant  
  Resolution 959-16 Cancelling Election 2016 PDF  Cancelling Election 2016  
  Resolution 958-16 Setting Part-time Officer Wage PDF  Part-time Officer Wage  
  Resolution 957-16 Public Works Wage PDF  Public Works Wage  
  Resolution 956-16 Establishing Code of Conduct Contracts PDF  Code of Conduct Contracts  
  Resolution 955-16 Setting Public Works Director Wages PDF  Public Works Director Wages  
  Resolution 954-16 Setting Pay Kevin Douglas PDF  Setting Pay Kevin Douglas  
  Resolution 953-16 Setting Fees PDF  Setting Fees  
  Resolution 952-16 New Hires PDF  New Hires  

Links to Town Ordinance PDF Files

  733-17 MJ Augmentation Water PDF  MJ Augmentation Water  
  732-17 Amending Zoning Code District D & E (Hemp) PDF  Amending Zoning Code  
  731-17 Backflow Ordinance PDF  Backflow Ordinance  
  730-16 Mil Levy Ordinance PDF  Mil Levy Ordinance  
  729-16 Off Administration Update PDF  Administration Update  
  728-16 Off Road Vehicles PDF  Off Road Vehicles  
  727-16 Granting Franchise Charter Communications Ordinance PDF  Charter Communications  
  726-16 International Building Code Adopting Ordinance PDF  International Building Code  
  725-16 Animal Waste Ordinance PDF  Animal Waste Ordinance  
  724-15 Mil Levy Ordinance PDF  Mil Levy Ordinance  
  723-15 Tamarack Annexation PDF  Tamarack Annexation  
  722-15 Changes to Business Licenses PDF  Changes Business Licenses  
  721-15 ATV Ordinance PDF  ATV Ordinance  
  720-15 Amending Rule 6 Utility Billing PDF  Rule 6 Utility Billing  
  719-15 Municipal Utility Deposits Amount PDF  Utility Deposits Amount  
  718-15 Fine Surcharge Ordinance PDF  Fine Surcharge  
  717-15 Electric Franchise FEE Ordinance final PDF  Electric Franchise FEE  
  716-15 Electric Franchise Ordinance final PDF  Electric Franchise  
  715-15 Chicken Hen Permit Ordinance PDF  Chicken Hen Permit  
  714-15 Tasting Ordinance PDF  Tasting Ordinance  
  713-15 Repealing Fowler Municipal Code 2 28 090 PDF  Repealing Fowler Code  
  712-15 Swimming Pool Parks Recreation Committee PDF  Pool/Parks Rec Committee  
  711-15 Low Powered FM Committee PDF  Low Powered FM Committee  
  710-15 Library Committee PDF  Library Committee  
  709-15 Cemetery Committee Establishing PDF  Cemetery Committee