Town of Fowler Departments and Committees

Town of Fowler: [email protected]
Mayor: Shawn Swope

Board of Trustees: Tracy Nelson, Taylor Hobby, Brenda Eddy, Tori Harris, Chad Bouldin, and Shaun Luttrell

Town Administrator: Kelly Lotrich [email protected]

Public Works Director: Brent Bitter [email protected] -
(719) 568-0659

Town Clerk/Administrator: Kelly Lotrich [email protected] -
(719) 263-4461

Treasurer: Cindy Karle [email protected] -
(719) 263-4461

Librarian: Kristine Turner-Gonzales [email protected] -
(719) 263-4472

Police Chief: Ashley Shelefontiuk [email protected] -
(719) 263-5161

Court Clerk: Cindy Karle [email protected] -
(719) 263-4461



The Mayor will serve on all committees. The committee chairperson or Mayor will call all work sessions. Each Trustee will be notified of all meetings through Town Hall, and all meetings will be posted on the bulletin board at town hall and on the Town Website. Attendance at all meetings by each committee member is strongly encouraged, and scheduling will strive to accommodate members when possible. All Trustees are urged to participate in all Committees if time allows. Your experience and expertise will be greatly appreciated.

Town of Fowler Library

Town of Fowler Librarian - Kristine Turner-Gonzalez [email protected]
Fowler Public Library's after-school program begins.
Every 2nd Thursday of the month starting October 8th.
3:45-5:00 p.m. Grades K-6th

*** Search EBSCO Library Databases ***
Offering Rosetta Stone and LearningExpress
Britannica Library

Fowler Library ~ 400 6th St.

Library Hours
Monday - Saturday : 12:00 - 6:00 p.m.
CLOSED: Sundays

Coffee, conversation, and much more are now available at the library. Call the library at (719) 263-4472 for more information.